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Interview with Marius Nedelcu, Head of Growth @TransferGo

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Interview with Marius Nedelcu, Head of Growth at TransferGo, the clever new way to convert money to send abroad. A fast-growing London based FinTech start-up for online money remittance. Marius leads a great team of Growth Managers across Europe and he was the one to develop and grow TransferGo brand within Romania and the Romanian immigrant communities throughout Europe since 2016. Marius has a marketing and business consultancy background, is extremely creative and leads with joy and passion.

Hello, Marius so how did you become interested in fintech?

Worked most of my life in the fitness industry and I was actively looking for a radical change, for something that will challenge me a lot. I had my eye on FinTech as I considered it a part of a cool future. It presented to me the challenge of being data-driven and digital savvy.

Can you explain in simple words what exactly is TransferGo's mission?

We are on a mission to make moving money globally as simple and easy as sending a text - this is the purpose of technology and innovation, after all, to make things much easier for our day to day lives. We must develop and improve our products in such a way that our customers find it super easy to transfer money. No trips to banks, no piles of cash, no complex online journeys. We are aware that this really is a challenging mission but we are also determined and inspired by it.

Can you tell us about some initiatives you lead there?

I am leading all initiatives that are top of the funnel related, like all Above the line campaigns, PR and influencer marketing and I do so by managing a team of super ambitious marketing managers across 3 offices (Berlin, Warsaw and Istanbul). We are on course for rapid expansion so my goal is also to build a larger team that will give us insights on multiple markets. It is a very exciting job that I love doing as I get to work with different cultures, different marketing channels and challenges for each market and I also travel a lot.

Finally, would you recommend readers to attend the FIF 2019? Why is it so important?

Learning from others, sharing experiences, networking and building awareness about what each of us do I think is key to staying in touch with trends and innovation. From FIF 2019 people should come back inspired to do more, get better and more least this is what I am looking for.

Thank you very much, Marius for answering the questions and we wish you all the best. If you want to meet him in person make sure you attend the Financial Innovation Forum 2019.


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