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Interview with Marcello Calabrò, Global Head of Marketing @UniCredit

Since March 2014, Marcello Calabrò is Global Head of CIB Marketing and member of CIB Executive Committee. Marcello has over 20 years of experience working in the field of financial communication and he started his career with Unilever as Corporate Auditor. Before joining UniCredit, he worked for San Paolo IMI Asset Management SGR and as Senior Consultant in Barabino & Partners. Marcello will be taking part in a panel discussion about Digitization of Financial Services: Marketing Strategies of Established Financial Players and Fintech and Future Perspectives of Financial Marketing at the Financial Innovation Forum 2019.

Hi Marcello, do you mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I have started my career in finance and accounting: a normal outcome of my academic background. Quite soon I have discovered the power of communication in the financial data reporting to different stakeholders. In fact, I think financial communication is a very interesting mix which combines analytical skills and the art of effective communication. I have spent several years in different roles helping corporates to communicate to financial markets, institutional investors to their subscribers, banks to their clients. Even if experience matters, every time and for each communication, you face different challenges, different background and often you want to stress different angles. This makes our job intellectually reach.

We are delighted to have you taking part in our event. What are the key points you are sharing at the Financial Innovation Forum 2019?

I am very convinced that digitization of financial services is a great opportunity to enhance the customer experience. When I look at the banking industry I don’t believe this trend represents a threat, just the opposite. And my assessment is that banks have done a lot in this field and they have been able to reshape and rethink their business model in order to be efficient and modern. Not all industries would have been capable to survive such a big shift. However we can’t be complacent, we are in the middle of a journey and we still do not know where this journey will bring us.

Thank you for sharing. What advice would you give young professionals?

Young professionals have been always a great resource, but probably this is truer today than in the past. We witness such a big acceleration in the communication tools and the way we all interact, that each organization can progress only if it can rely on a great degree of diversity in its resources and of course here I am not only referring to the gender one but also to the age diversity. So my advice is to be passionate and bring fresh energy and ideas. Today companies tend to be much less hierarchic and this is a great chance for the new generations.

Marcello thank you very much for your valuable advice. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Financial Innovation Forum 2019 which will take place on October 10-11th at the Parklane, Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Limassol.


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