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Interview with James Caroll Senior Vice President Digital Services @MasterCard

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

James Caroll is an Entrepreneurial business leader - managing global technology teams focused on digital transformation advisory & implementation - experienced in Technology Innovation, International Sales & Marketing, Product Development / Commercialisation, Deal Making, Business Strategy and Financial Management. He will be a Keynote Speaker at the Financial Innovation Forum 2019 speaking about ‘The Race Against Digital Darwinism’.

Why is the Financial Innovation Forum 2019 so important for the finance industry and why are you supporting this year’s event?

The Financial Innovation Forum 2019 provides an opportunity to network with stakeholders both customers and other industry stakeholders in the financial services industry, to hear about their concerns and challenges and to socialise MasterCard capabilities, products, and services as potential solutions to their most pressing needs. The forum also provides an opportunity to better understand best practices and thought leadership and to also share our points on view on the industries' most pressing concerns e.g digital transformation, innovation, etc.

So what is Digital Transformation from your perspective?

Digital Transformation is the process of applying digital technology to all aspects of a business :

· helping businesses to better acquire, engage and retain customers,

· leveraging technology to deliver better utility for all customer experiences,

· enabling customers to tackle their most prescient challenges for growth and to develop a framework to play & win in their chosen market.

Digital Transformation prioritises a focus on customer experience, business & operational models and impact on people (i.e. culture change) as they attempt to navigate the challenges inherent crossing the digital chasm.

What advice would you give to your fellow peers as an active member of such a large enterprise like MasterCard, regarding what the future holds for us?

Embrace Digital Transformation – educate yourself and consider strategy impact, make a plan then test, learn & iterate. Be fearful and informed but do not be afraid. Know that the answers to your biggest challenges or problems are just one question away.

Thank you, James, for your valuable input and advice.

We’re really looking forward to having you speak at our event this month. We hope to see him at the Financial Innovation Forum 2019 for another exciting meetup on October 10-11th, 2019.


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